Introduction To This Blog

This blog is dedicated to the Town of Dennis Open Space and Recreation Plan.  The current version of the plan is the Revised Final Draft of the 2008 Dennis Open Space and Recreation Plan.  The document reflects responses to comments received from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, see letter below.  The document has been officially submitted to the state with the the required letters from the Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Board of Selectmen and Cape Cod Commission.

By having the plan presented in this manner, I hope to be able to keep the plan a more vital and living document.  Each chapter and appendix has its own dedicated page.  To make this a truly living document, your involvement as residents, visitors and business people in Dennis is important.  Please submit comments on the document, point out areas where we need to improve our efforts for the future.  Such interaction will improve the next iteration of this document, due in 2013.

Edited July 20, 2009